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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 30, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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this is important so that we can express our rejection of occupation which is a right to any occupy country to resist in that own appropriate way great return marches in gaza that are meant to express the rejection of occupation as well as to demand the right of palestinian people to return to their lands which were occupied by israel who forcefully removed the original inhabitants out of their towns. across britain today there are marches in solidarity with you and the palestinians but let alone today the israelis responded to the march in gaza with my profile what would you say to drizzle in the british government sanctioning u.k. exports of sniper rifles to israel. that is a very good but i didn't the u.k. government is completely controlled by israel the biggest supporter of terrorism. then courage the killing of palestinian people all participants in the great return much in gaza opposing no threat to the israeli soldiers however they have been directly targeted great numbers of palestinians women men and children who
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participated in the great britain march were martyred u.k.'s completely occupied and controlled by israel and it is supporting israel to kill innocent people who are demonstrating for their rights. the whole world is defeated we are alone but i am pretty sure that the palestinian people will bring back dignity to the whole world even to the u.k. who is supporting israel. the u.k. brought zionism to palestine and the error of the british mandate. we will eventually end this occupation power will not last forever humanity and always prevails over a fake power still inside me a little out of so it would help. but netanyahu says it is israel that is unfairly targeted with balloons fireworks and rockets. as i said israel is an occupying entity and the international law is guaranteed all occupied countries the right to resist by the way. israel has no right to kill any
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innocent child or anyone in gaza even if one thousand rockets were launched from gaza. gaza rockets are a normal reaction for the israeli presence we are talking about the seeds country that suffers from severe poverty. with refugees who are not able to return to their lands which were occupied by israel. this is that right and it is a normal reaction to the israeli presence on their lands you know a lot of. you have been targeted as a child in the west bank the un says thirty two children were killed in the gaza return march whistle was the youngest girl fourteen years of age israel is it deliberately targeting children i could go but that's a lot of talk in macau. of course they're deliberately targeting the kids that barriers which disrupt children from going to school. they don't want them to be educated they're breaking into schools closing schools demolishing schools
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arresting children deliberately shooting children in the street. yet they arrested many innocent children all this reflects that they are indeed targeting children because they do not want a new palestinian generation to be strong enough to confront them being recalled wait like you really want to. but the israeli justice minister i met chuck id who is competing against that yahoo in upcoming elections says they have to die in their houses demolished so they can't bear any more terrorists this applies to the mothers of the dead how can palestinians continue to demonstrate events with the words of the israeli justice with. how could. they have no right to harm any palestinian and this is another reflection to that terrorism they want nothing but to kill all palestinians so they can take all their lunde. they believe that all palestinians should be killed which also shows that they have racist
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little as we would most of those fighting the u.k. armed occupation are christians muslims people of other faiths and none israel's national law says only jews should have the rights of self-determination what did you make of the new law they ended. up on. this shows the real apartheid and racist system that israel has. exactly like what happened in south africa between the white and the black people judaism is a religion like any other religion but the design this movement wants to do whatever it wants under the cover of the jewish religion that they let the media only dash on to say look we always say that there is a difference between judaism and zionism because there are palestinian jews syrian jews and arabs jews who are supporting the palestinian cause. the cause is not a religious cause it is a political cause whether zionists want to take over palestine using the jewish
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religion i let it continue. up to seven hundred palestinian children or jailed each year amnesty international claiming children who are obviously not killed are beaten throttled shackled and tortured your interrogation was leaked on you tube how did you remain silent under threat from israeli soldiers they were good and you were sixteen i like the city but. i was surprised by the huge emotional support i received from the whole world while i was detained. when i was released and returned back home i was surprised too by the huge number of people who came to my house to welcome me which greatly raise my spirit buttons are going to the. me to. do so i hope all the detainees in the israeli president will receive the same support i had. so we can deliver that message and suffering to the whole world. am i not. your father was on this program as
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you turned seventeen in jail remind us how many members of your family have been killed or tortured by israel. the man had just as my uncle my aunt and my cousin were martyred. my other cousin was injured my brother my all the cousins attained right now my family witnessed many violations but we will not surrender to their actions or any other means of putting us under pressure. even if they kill shooter arrest any of us we will deal with it as a strength point not as a weak point. they want to humiliate us but this will not happen. we will continue fighting till the last day of our lives not just a litany in. your in ramallah do you think of hezbollah was right when he said this week that donald trump would recognize ramallah de facto as israeli after the recognition of western syria the golan heights israeli.
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only the heavy handed words that only salute. the syrian golan heights and all of palestine will be free one day and we will return back to our lands no one has the right to decide who will take control of the golan heights or palestine or the west bank. trump has no right to decide or to give any land to israel whatever he wants . but we will continue struggling tell palestine and the occupied syrian golan heights a free until all palestinian refugees return back to palestine. don't realize you know i don't have a list and is it true that you may soon be coming to britain just study international law to make a career in human rights. good sometimes not. i was thinking of studying in the u.k. but when i applied for the visa they asked why i was arrested. and whether i've
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ever applied for other visas and whether they were fused. and they continued to delay procedures so i probably will not be able to come to the u.k. . you know to be honest the u.k. will refuse my visa if israel requested them to do say they will continue studying in palestine and out of. the tory government its home office as decisions are actually independent no possibility that you won't be defacto banned from being educated to. this you know understand. it is not about having hopes but it is obvious that their decision is not independent. otherwise they should have accepted my visa earlier like any other visas. if they're interested in granting visas to palestinians they should allow them to come to the u.k. without a visa like the israeli people the u.k. government is racist and it is supporting the israelis not the palestinians because it considers them as
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a danger that threatens that country but in the hope that i've been lucky on this latest that the group that finally said that you are not a victim of the occupation the settler child forced to fight for the i.d.f. is do you pity israelis. of course i pity them because they are dehumanised. only filled with hatred as i said before it is not about occupying their land it is about occupying the mind of the thirteen year old settler who holds a gun has an occupied mind however israel only occupied land but they never occupied our minds. not on the map. if the last we love. we are still resisting the occupation and the jewish people should resist and try hard to deliver the real image of their religion they should deliver a message to all the people that the jewish people are different from the zionists who want to achieve their goals under the pretext of advancing the rights of the
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jewish people not only diminish not only do i think that all forms of resistance are vital and effective even in show or long term and this is a guaranteed right for all occupied countries to resist and fight with their own appropriate way. yes and i have the last. thank you after the break. what's it like covering a country that the u.n. says could be responsible for crimes against humanity ahead of israel's election we get the take of reserve i.d.f. soldier hoffman chief political correspondent of the jerusalem post and the p.l.o. chief negotiator where there is a failed negotiations and israelis. now is the time for a united palestinian vanguard dedicated to wall war of a joint joel. going underground.
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is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been fully implemented from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela so she would. have a son of the moment. person. on the moon the people who come to. the focal to whose story isn't new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to
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make. the economy scream so wants and making the economy of venezuela screed. welcome back to this great return much i have a special in the first half of the show we have from i had to mimi join me now via skype from a contest in jerusalem is i.d.f. reservist on the chief political correspondent of the jerusalem post hoffman gail welcome to going underground so you are presumably covering the elections there the jerusalem post many people that are going to know who these candidates are they are going to know arguably about you know justice minister headed this strange advertisement but also who is she i mean because she's on the record as saying they have to die the houses demolished they call bear any more terrorists this applies to the mothers of the dead and then we have benny gantz who was in the i.d.f.
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during sabra and shatila what should we know about these candidates so netanyahu is still has a great advantage in this election is the most experienced candidate by far benny gantz former chief of staff of the israeli defense forces. and he is someone who wants to make peace it's a palestinian see is the candidate of a center left in this election after you ask specifically about the justice minister so. much of it is an unconventional kind of leader and she formed a new party and in order to attract attention to her party she ran a provocative ad when in the content of the ad was just talking about how the judicial system it is really well in the checks and balances between the different branches has taken too much power and she wants to have reforms and people could agree with them or disagree with them but they definitely noticed you were obviously in the middle east during the apac low be called france in the united
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states what are you hearing about any deal of the century this new deal coming from washington because we heard from david friedman talking about the complete i think they should of the west bank as part of the deal action what you're trying to do is to have a final agreement so there won't be any questions anymore and. who can build where and as to where the final borders going to be what's going to happen with the refugee issue of the palestinians and guaranteeing long term security from what i understand from the plan in return for whatever israel gives up israel would receive normalization with the arab and muslim world that's not aligned with iran a lot of what's going on behind the scenes would then become official in return for what the palestinians give up they would receive the middle east equivalent of a marshall plan that rebuilt europe after world war two we're talking about nine billion dollars now to be invested in building up that palestinian state ahead of the elections do israelis feel completely isolated though i mean they've had the
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u.n. report about thirty thousand casualties in the great return much the u.n. claiming possible crimes against humanity we have the nation state laws saying jewish people are held to the higher regard by the israeli state than other communities do they feel isolated action absolutely not israelis have never felt more embrace by the world i just saw it and it's now returning from a successful trip in washington and of course it was cut short by the firing from gaza and israeli civilians but he received a tremendous gift from the president ited states in the in represent recognizing officially israeli control over the golan heights which is israel's control fifty two years and from europe and yeah i was going around and have been a embraced by world leaders there out of trips to india to africa three times became the first sitting israeli prime minister to visit latin america and australia the brazilian leader is coming here to israel next week and relations
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relations with. trade wise are absolutely presentable to brazil obviously very closely associated with washington but i suppose the point will be making is the thought of the european union here completely condemn. the decision of the golan heights as did china as did russia as did the whole world. are israelis not. in some jeopardy nation that only one group is defeated israel arguably has a bullet. they have said that the golan heights and they say should and is is out of the question it's just not going to happen any fears by israelis that hezbollah could unite with other liberation movements to in effect target israel in its heartland where his will is previously won in lebanon no action no that hizbullah has been tremendously weakened by the civil war in syria where they lost a lot of their top fighters in iran their patron has been weakened by the sanctions
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put back by the world after the. removed america from the j.c. . israel's security is stronger than it's ever been and israelis feel less isolated than never even if european union decides to condemn it and pretend as if syria is going to go in and be oh given back this area of land after slaughtering its people if anything europe just showed it it still lacks the morality that and we wish that europe would regain ather world war two and what about the new generation of politicians in the united states that call israel an apartheid state that are getting more and more traction with the us electorate arguably and of course we have jeremy cole been here in britain that has repeatedly said that israel is a state not only an apartheid state but one that is obviously well in law it has to be said is privileging jews over other communities in israel ok so first of all in
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america what you're seeing is is some fringe is getting too much attention you've got a couple of congress women who got elected the overwhelming majority of the democratic party is solidly on israel's side the relationship between israel and the united states have always. by bipartisan as israel's strategic asset what happened in britain is that the french took over the british to go over the democratic party jerry corbett is not someone accepted around the world his views are extreme the man it embrace is terrorists who the european union regards as terrorists not me who murder innocent civilians and the fact that the damage to the labor party in england has elected such a disgraceful magnet anybody who voted for him should be absolutely ashamed israel's the consensus mr corbett is the fringe over the globe and would presumably deny those kinds of allegations but just there would be any reaction to the un saying israel could have committed crimes against humanity thirty thousand
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casualties israel responded in great depth to how that is incorrect and i think that if the un wants to be an honest broker they need to do a much better job of it and we are seeing how because the united states that's changing little by little but the palestinians certainly haven't been helped neither by the european union and nor by jeremy corbyn nor by the un hoffman thank you well arab leaders are in tunis to discuss the international response to israeli american violations of international law one of those leaders is the secretary general of the p.l.o. say barack out the chief negotiator now joins me for a world exclusive interview from ramallah it's a welcome to going underground so we now have donald trump's middle east point man david friedman telling apac lobby group in the united states about something called the deal of the century you have tweeted that trump should look in the mirror about it yes thank you for hostile me yes i said every time a palestinian or israelis can from now on president trump should look on the matter
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and he will know who is responsible because once has the biblical in both of their friedman says that it's. gotten caught and he says that we need they need to an x. . huge parts of it and keep the overriding security responsibility in their hands after having. dictated the jerusalem being israel's capital and the arabs land under israeli sovereignty so we really believe that the next step will be an x. in the west bank and then for three maybe two or announced there who commission of the state of gaza so when they the super powers the united states president say that acquisition of territory by force is the legal thing. israeli settlements which is war crimes in accord with the four geneva conventions are illegal when he decides from one side to have jerusalem as israel's capital when he wants to have
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refugees of the terrible when he accepts the israeli nationalist racist law saying that the right of the termination between their ever jordan and the material is only to jews why we as a palestinian christian and muslims today today saturday. thirtieth of march we are fifty point nine percent of the relation between the river jordan and the military in and then it anyhow is our forty nine point one and then at the result will be the widening of the cycle of violence counter-violence bloodshed and extremism is you may agree with you about the illegal that exists the west bank or western syria but of course israel backed by britain in the united states has been bombing gaza and syria this week you had preparation for this what is what is the palestinian liberation organization what preparations have there been for what
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you seem to be saying is inevitable war tomorrow sunday we have an arab summit in tunisia there is total. rejection of all the terms decision visit the palestine and syria and by the way we're not alone this is the position of the two states of international law. the state of palestine with the jerusalem as god battle to live side by side is that it was around sixty seven lines is that was the european union this is the position of the african union this is that was of the nonaligned movement latin american and the caribbean this is the position of the of the mix that this is that was assured of russia. china japan canada so there is not a single country on earth without problems in its demographic fabric and problem in graphic fabric i know the spanish don't want to wake up one morning to find that from without price had the whole goodness but chaloner to be the capital of the republic of catalonia and i don't think that the international community. will allow this i don't think so under any circumstances not because of my situation as
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a palestinian which they should support in accordance with international law but because of their own interest there is stability and in maintaining the principle of solving problem problems by peaceful means but even while you were talking to diplomats european countries were sending in weapons to support israeli occupation there will be demonstrations here in britain today for the and they were sure the great return to britain has been selling record amounts of arms a good example rifles to the e.u. people you talk to the diplomats all agree with what you just said and that the weapons when we held the european summit last month i mean in february last month in february twenty fifth and sharma share egypt you know was that are presented in the highest level i mean three of them a prime minister koizumi was there so if you look at article seven for the current communique it specified a total rejection or there's really a compression and demanded an end of the occupation including is jerusalem
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considered settlements illegal so we edge these countries who continue trying to reward israel that this is not going to benefit any cause of peace you know treating israel as a country above the laws of man and allowing is about to have them unity will only add fuel to the fire you will end up with this variation and this pressure would lead to desperate acts and would mean enlarging the cycle of death of palestinians and israelis and that's not good so all the countries to hold israel accountable and to stop rewarding the occupying power israel what you said about a possible al. sation of the west bank of where you are right now by british and american backed israeli troops and the israeli government seemed to echo what sadness rather said in lebanon do you think there is unity now between all these liberation groups because the news here is your group is in a civil war with hamas in gaza unfortunately we still have this division between gaza and the west bank and now we're doing every possible effort in order to tell
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hamas which is a palestinian political party that like fatah has a palestinian sample party that when we differ and we differ we go to ballots and not bullets as far as the next above as i think they may move to an x. what they call the settlement blocks an aerial ma'ale adumim and go shots maybe ten to fifteen percent of the west bank and the first tranche and then another branch and that's that's that's the direction of things that's the direction of things because when their ambassador back that israel must have an overriding security responsibility over the west bank overriding means that are really control of the west bank which means defacto an accession extrajudicial killing the demolition of farms the confiscation of land then expanding of settlement activities this is this is the green light netanyahu feels he has from trump but the two state deal is dead
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as you said earlier arguably the only group that is successfully got israel to abide by un resolutions is hezbollah in lebanon in two thousand and six when you don't coordinate in a grand alliance against israel and use everything real cyber warfare militancy now because negotiations presumably are completely dead with israel or with washington and i think we will strengthen our alliance with the international community will stand tall with international law and the rule of law we. we count on the international community we count on the europeans that tens africans asians . everybody everybody on earth is edging us to stay the course of international law you're saying that peaceful negotiations will beat trump and yahoo and whoever becomes the leader of israel after the elections in the next few days what i'm saying is if they knew the need to have peace they need but i didn't consent
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and they will never get a palestinian signature. and short sighted that policy is they're taking on jerusalem and the next station and so on you will not set on that any under any circumstances and a victim in the ups that you lost and the only way you can make peace with you is that when you have the strength the ministering to regain what you lost by military force ok we had our ups and downs a lot of heat in the language of peace and international law doesn't work and i represent myself only here i said that my best and understand my president better understand is that yes we need to compound the international community to stand tall in the face of prompt and ateneo and to make sure that international law and solving problems by peaceful means will prevail secretary-general thank you that's up to the show will be back on monday with legendary broke up the jimmy door or
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what's next with donald trump up or didn't go to jail for working with vladimir putin after all until they give a talk by social media. as your officer. told you to get up off the ground or serve began to. game face on the sounds of. the christening essentially as your. visual was the way for your office or. the obviously did they kind of lunge for the web in one semester and they would have been done three swung at the observations didn't i never saw any contact with you deal any kind we're back to where they were so the answers back here that i again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer is gone you need to get it done three.
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desperate for a single purpose. of a super. star training very young. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives.
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on. britain's night that prime minister to resign made the e.u. divorce deal is defeated for a third time leading to fears of a disorderly exit from the bloc in just two weeks time. israeli troops reportedly shoot three palestinians dead as tens of thousands rally along the perimeter fence between gaza and israel to mark one year since the beginning of the great moderates a protest. on the united states threatens russia with further sanctions if moscow refuses to pull its troops out of venezuela. they are watching r t international newsroom in moscow with your.


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